About Us

Coastal Steward is an award winning organization that runs a successful Adopt-A-Beach Program, manages a Shellfish Restoration initiative and has developed educational programs for use in grades 7-12 with a focus on marine science and environmental stewardship.

Anyone can become involved in the Adopt-A-Beach Program. Individuals, businesses, civic organizations and government agencies can all sponsor or adopt a beach.  Beach cleanups generally cover a half a mile of beach and are scheduled around breeding seasons, weather and tides. To date, over 250 tons of debris from Long Island beaches, has been removed thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of hundreds of volunteers.

Coastal Steward has also initiated and directed a Shellfish Restoration Program. Along with volunteers, Coastal Steward has released over 230,000 adult shellfish into four sanctuaries that were established in partnership with the Town of Brookhaven.

Educational programming is central to the mission of Coastal Steward. Working with local junior and senior high school teachers, Coastal Steward is in the process of developing curriculum to be used at the secondary level with the focus on the marine sciences and environmental stewardship. Coastal Steward is a dynamic and growing organization. We look forward to continuing our work with all the many volunteers that have helped Coastal Steward to achieve award-winning status.

Please join us in one of our beach cleanups, help us with our shellfish program or contact us about contributing to our educational programming. 

 Together we make a difference!

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