Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center

Congressman Timothy Bishop

Eye Scar Photography, Inc.

Estee Lauder

Long Island Sound Study

Long Island Seaport & Eco Center

Morrison Foundation

MSR Electrical Construction

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

National Grid Foundation

NBBJ Designs

New York Sea Grant

Quebec-Labrador Foundation

Suffolk County

Town of Brookhaven

Village of Port Jefferson

Village of Belle Terre

West Marine

Whole Foods Market

Roux Associates




Letters of Support

Carl Safina, The Safina Institute

William Wise, New York Sea Grant

Tim Bishop - Member of Congress 

Blue Ocean Institute

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Steven Englebright - Assemblyman for the State of NY

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Joseph S. Saladino - Assemblyman 12th District NC 

Seaside Management Company 

Stony Brook University - Marine Sciences Research Center

Suffolk County Legislature

Stony Brook School - Marine & Environment Programs

Town of Brookhaven - Jane Bonner

Town of Brookhaven - Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld

Vivian Viloria-Fisher - Suffolk County Legislature

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