2016 LI Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

The 2nd annual YOCS was a success!

60 people were in attendance including 30 students representing about 15 schools.
David Chase, board member of CS kicked off the event.  Keynote speaker Dr. Ellen Prager was captivating during her presentation and signed her books for those in attendance.  Each student received a free copy of her book "Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime: the ocean's oddest creatures and why they matter."  

Other speakers included: Mel Morris, Open Space Stewardship, Brookhaven National Lab; Mae Henry, Clean Ocean Action; Sherryll Jones, NYSDEC, Division of Marine Resources; Laura Kasa, Save Our Shores; Ben May, YOCS Communications Coordinator; Dr. Kurt Bretsch, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at SBU; Sarah Whelan, Massapequa High School; Abby Dambra, Cameron Snell and Ally Miller, Leroy High School and Sean Russell, YOCS Team.
Students were asked to make pledges of how they were going to commit to making a difference in ocean protection.
In the afternoon, students formed small groups to develop project ideas and then applied for mini-grants to carry them out.

The event was made possible by our sponsors:  Roux Associates, Stony Brook University, Farm to Table provided delicious organic, sustainable food for the event.

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