Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup Port Jefferson

The Adopt-A-Beach program is a volunteer program. Individuals or organizations adopt a beach that they choose. They are responsible for cleaning that beach on a regular basis, which depends on a number of factors such as migratory patterns of the species that inhabit the area, size and condition of the beach, etc. They are also responsible for any expenses related to the cleanups.

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The Sponsor-A-Beach program is based on monetary donations from individuals, businesses, organizations or government agencies. The sponsor picks a beach and the Coastal Steward organizes everything from recruiting and training volunteers to getting permits and directing the event. Normally a beach is defined as up to one half of a mile by fifty feet. Each beach is looked at on an individual basis. The Coastal Steward is responsible for the cleanups.


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Beach Cleanup Data 2014 - 2016

Beach Cleanup Data 2009 - 2013 

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